Blog Categories

Well Hello all! Today I will explain what each of my Categories are.

Something like Real Life:  These are stories that may or may not have happened. It is for you the reader to decide if this is something that I made up or something that really happened. I have a pretty active imagination so it is for you to choose.

Final Fantasy XI: These are my ramblings from my gaming experiences in Final Fantasy XI. The name of the blog is The Bossy White Mage.  

Family: Just that… These are writings about my Family. 

 Real Life: These are stories about things that really happen in real life.  

Work: Stories from work experiences. These may be from past jobs or current jobs. I have a lot of good stories to tell from things that happened at work. 

Poetry: These are poems I have written. Each has a copyright and use of the poetry is not allowed by anyone.   

Checking In: This is my soapbox. I will post about once a week about something dealing with current events or something on my mind. I hope you enjoy my ramblings.



~ by Liadan on 9 April, 2007: Monday.

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