Checking In for the week of April 13, 2007

Hello Everyone

Here I am checking in… lol.

Well, life has been kinda hectic for me recently. New job, Brother is moving and taking away my 2 cute nieces and 1 very cute nephew (his children), My baby sister is going to England soon…

Soon all of my side of the family that will be left here in Utah is my Mom and my Grandpa. Now while they live here in Utah, I don’t get the chance to visit very often because it takes about 45 minutes to an hour just to travel down to see them.

With my new job, I am absoutely loving it. A LOT less stress and I look forward to going to work everyday. That is something I haven’t experienced for a long time. Its a great feeling to want to go to work, and learn about everything they can teach you. I started applying what I am learning at work to use it for things I like to do. Having a lot of fun learning to use the program I will support using it to analyze things I am doing anyways in real life.

I am slowly getting used to being back from vacation.. I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation, and am somewhat bummed to be home. California was beautiful and it was wonderful to get away from home.

Also I have added a new link to my site, Cognitive Distortion. For $4.00 a month you get access to tons of awesome background pictures.

Ok well anyways now that I have caught up with whats going on in my life.. lets get to my soapbox lol. This week I want to rant about the Imus controversy.

For those that haven’t see the news this week, Imus is a radio show host who has for a long time made borderline racist jokes as well as ranks women below men. Durring his show this week he called the Reuteger’s Woman’s Basketball team a bunch of nappy haired ho’s.  Of course.. this has sparked some controversy over what people say on the radio.

My gripe about this is, when hes made the borederline acceptable comments in the past where has the outrage and dicipline they are pulling out this week? The answer is easy… His comments in the past have been about whites, not african americans or minorities. This is your normal controversy its now an issue becauseImus is white, not black. If you watch black entertainers like Chris Rock or Cedric the Entertainer, their shows are full of racist remarks and the N word, but you get a caucasion saying the same thing and it becomes unacceptable. 

Here is my rant my question… For all the African Americans living in the US, How can you honestly expect the “White Man” as you put it to respect you at all if you go around calling eachother the N word, and acting like how you get upset about when the “White Man” disses on you. Another thing.. When blacks who are in the spotlight like Bill Cosby say something similar you get upset that he is “Out of touch with the black community” and label him a traitor to his kind. Really get a clue.

You can’t demand to be respected when you don’t even respect yourself. This goes for anyone white black asian hispanic or otherwise. We need to be tolerant of those who are not like us but honestly people.. Get over your “You don’t like me cuz I’m black” and start respecting yourself. No one is going to respect you until you get off your rearend and respect yourself.

Love and Light


~ by Liadan on 13 April, 2007: Friday.

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