Checking In May 6, 2007 ~ A touch of Insomnia

So I’ve been slacking when it comes to writing. I always have something to occupy my time, and sometimes I let things I want to do slide for other things that I want to do. Tonight however, I can’t sleep and I can’t see to do more than a little writing.

This past Wednesday, I woke up with my right eye in severe pain. After showering and the ride to work on Trax I was still hardly able to open my eye and I was in tears trying to figure out how I would manage my day. Pulling up to the Trax station I noticed 4 LDS Missionairies waiting to catch the train I was on heading the other way. I knew that if I asked them they would give me a priesthood blessing.

Desperately wanting to make it through the day I walked down to where they were and asked for the blessing. As with all priesthood blessings, it is never what you expect that is said but what the Lord inspires his servants to say. My blessing was that I would be granted relief and use of my eyes long enough for me to do what I needed to do for the day. I am so thankful that I have the gospel in my life, and that my mother cared enough that she ensured that when the time came I could see the Elders and know to ask “Elders, may I please have a priesthood blessing.” I made it to work with the limited vision I had.

I am greatly thankful for my new job. My bosses are so understanding and unlike many places It is truely you that they care about, not their phones. While I am still in training me being on the phones isn’t a [art of my job, however; My bosses helped me in locating doctors to try to get an appointment for my eye, offered to drive me to the Emergancy Room when that was the answer the doctors had for my condition, and told me to keep them updated if I needed the next day off because of my eye.

It turns out that I have either a really bad eye infection which is my guess seeing how the antibiotics I was given work better than the allergy medicines I was given, or a really bad case of allergies. As I said I think it is the eye infection I have, mainly because Friday at work I accidentally put my contacts in the wrong eyes after having taken them out to put in my eye drops. My left eye started itching, but I put a little of the antibiotic in and it went away.

Anyways here I am at 1:45 in the morning, unable to sleep and I thought I would check in and let you all know that I am doing well. Blind as a bat at the moment, and unable to sleep, but life is still treating me well. Granted, I think my insomnia is more due to that I went to bed at 6pm to take my mind off that I was blind as a bat and that my eyes needed a rest.. lol.

I read my baby sister’s blog about her trip to England, and I caught up with my mommy’s blogs. I need to remind myself to email my sister tomorrow as I have a song for her. I don’t think I am by any means the best sister as I forget a lot of times until I can’t sleep that I need to do something. I probably don’t make the best friend either since I’m pretty much the same way when it comes to my friends. If I don’t have something written down I don’t do it.

Anyways.. Enough of my ramblings. I am going to try to get a little bit of sleep.

Love and Light


~ by Liadan on 6 May, 2007: Sunday.

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