The Calling

The Calling
Warm in the embrace of the lady am I
I soar in her glory and on her wings fly
She’s given to me all things that I need
And supplied me with people my knowledge to feed
She’s given me wings to fly thru the dreams
To cheer or to guard is for me to deem
I am a fairy or a fae as they say
I into your realm come to brighten the day
Also a guardian a dragon am I
With your call for assistance I can not shy
I’m sworn to serve the Lady & Lord
And harm none with my flaming sword
I stand as your guard, and heal your wounds
for both Fae and Dragon has come my call
To lighten, to guard to heal is my path
and to wander the dreams and listen for all
A fae , a dragon, a human, a tool
I do not wish to be a fool.
For Mysti my friend


~ by Liadan on 6 May, 2007: Sunday.

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