The Death of an Unborn Child

The Death of an Unborn Child
I never saw the golden sun
Never enjoyed a child’s fun
Other children never met
Christmas presents I’ll never get
Once the love of my mother’s life
Now my mother’s only strife
Pressure given, Hearts broken, love died
While my mother softly cried
Pulled for a place secure was I
Never saw my father’s eye
Missed out smelling foods to eat
And playing with my tiny feet
Aborted from my mothers womb
Buried in a tiny room
I follow her from day to day
Wishing I could go away
Angel torture in her mind
A knowledge that is so unkind
Decision that she can’t undo
She said “My world I bid adieu”
Her body now lies next to mine
Her spirit left to pay the fine
Abortions victims leave a price
and those who cater “IT ISN’T NICE”
©March 5, 1997


~ by Liadan on 6 May, 2007: Sunday.

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