To Court Death

To Court Death

To court with death
To live my life.
What do I want to do?
Eternal sleep or wake again?
What a cruddy choice.
I want to die and want to cry
I want to get away
To flirt with death, and know his kiss
and feel his embrace again.
To live a lie and walk away
Free in Death’s embrace
To feel his warmth and know his soul
or leave him in my past
To walk the path or cross the line
of all the things to choose
To live my life or flirt with Death….
to prolong my date or bring it close
a choice that once is made
can alter many things
that in my life I’ve made.
Oh what a choice oh why must I
tempt my fates again.
To life with life or flirt with Death
to bring his comfort near or leave it in my past.

© 2003


~ by Liadan on 6 May, 2007: Sunday.

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