Untitled Poem

Untitled Poem

I sit here in a daze
How can life be such a maze
I thought he loved me, I was sure
And then he used me, and I was pure
I feel so dirty now
Someone tell me how
How any man can think its fine
To take a girl, “Because your mine.”
Now I feel like a whore
Because I walked thru your door
How could you do this to me
I can not see
I’m crying in the shower now
I know that I can get clean, but how??
I didn’t ask you to take me this way
I didn’t want to have sex today
But still you forced yourself on me
How cruel can you be?
You took from me more than my virginity
You took my innocence and serenity
I’m ashamed of who you made me
Because I knew what I wanted to be
What made you think that you could take
From me a decision I wouldn’t make
You’ve taken something very dear
And someday I will make you hear
The screams that I suppressed while you took from me
What I wouldn’t give to you.

© September 1998
It was written because it happened to me.


~ by Liadan on 6 May, 2007: Sunday.

One Response to “Untitled Poem”

  1. Honey,

    I am so sorry that it happened to you, or that it happens to anyone. I know that God compensates in mysterious ways and will comfort you and make it for your profit and learning. At some point in life you will have understanding and that part of your life will make more sense. I want you to know that Satan wants you to feel dirty but you are not. Some day you will be able to face that horrid individual and see the justice of a fair and honest God who will and does go to bat for you each and every day.

    I love you,

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