My soul aches
My heart cries
My body Aches
And I want to close my eyes
Close my eyes
To shut it out
But I can’t… because it’s all too real
And so hard to talk about
You have a soul
That’s black and blue
From what that PERSON
did to you
I understand your feelings
And can see into your heart
Your soul is knotted up
And your mind is torn apart
Why do bad things happen
To people of pure heart?
For they are Gods children,
And have been from the start.
Let me be your helper
Let me be your friend
For I can help you thru this
And I’ll be there till the end



~ by Liadan on 6 May, 2007: Sunday.

One Response to “Why”

  1. Interesting point of view, that you are feeling the pain from someone else’s hurt, but it adds to the effect of the poem. I like it.

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