The Gay Issue

At work we were discussing several prominent people in entertainment and the names of a few gay men came up. It started me thinking about the gay issue. I have nothing against gays and in fact I am friends with some very sweet people who happen to be gay. Something I found surprising – at first every one of them started dating girls, and had a really bad experience with them before they became gay. One of my friend’s girlfriend of 4 years dumped him for his best friend and told him that maybe he would have better luck with guys. Another caught his fiancé sleeping with another man one night as he came home late from work. She told him he wasn’t man enough for her. Another of my friends asked a girl out and she told him that the only thing fat guys were good for was to be gay and a drag queen. Each of these guys didn’t start out gay; they were programmed to be gay.

It’s my belief that no one is born gay. They are programmed to be gay by society or by others. My mother used a perfect explanation for this. Our bodies, like electrical wiring are set up so that if you turn the switch on it will respond in turn. When you flip the light switch it doesn’t think to itself that it’s human oriented, or if instead you use a hairbrush to turn it on its not hairbrush oriented. The same thing happens with the human body. If someone touches you in a place that “turns you on” you were turned on. Just because someone of the same sex as you did it doesn’t mean you are oriented to like that sex or that person, it just means your body works right.


~ by Liadan on 19 May, 2007: Saturday.

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