Friday the 13th is not unlucky!

I saw a news article on yesterday that made me laugh.

Friday 13th is not more unlucky, study shows. A study by the Dutch Centre for Insurance Statistics shows that there are fewer accidents, fires or thefts on Friday the 13th. However, average value of the losses reported on Friday the 13th are larger.

I’ve never been superstitious, and I find it rather funny when I am speaking to someone who is overly superstitious. My favorite of all the superstitions was that the world would end on 6/6/2006 because of the 666 (Devil’s number) factor. Obviously for most of the people in the world, here we are 2 years later alive and kicking.

Anyways, my own Friday the 13th was not unlucky. I hope you all had a wonderful Friday the 13th.


~ by Liadan on 13 June, 2008: Friday.

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