Lia’s ramblings

On father’s day I wrote about just one of my many fathers growing up.

My mother posted a message on her father on her blog Reflections, about her father. She also included a photograph of my baby sister, and Brother Wolf who I wrote about.

I have yet to watch my DVR’d The Bachelorette, which I apologize for not having done this week as of yet. I should have something up on the show shortly.

I have lowered the cost of my paper kits, and put them all on sale as well. Please take a look as I will leave them on sale through Thursday only.

I am nearly done with reading The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan, so a book review will be comming shortly.

Right now its time for work since I have an early meeting today. Love and Hugs to all. I’ll put my quote up in a few hours.


~ by Liadan on 18 June, 2008: Wednesday.

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