I went book Shopping!

So today at lunch, I went over to Barnes & Noble and bought some new books. Now on top of reading The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan which I should finish probably in the next few days since I’m on page 512, I will also be reading The Well of Ascention by Brandon Sanderson and The Last Patriot by Brad Thor.

I am extremely excited about The Well of Ascention which is the second book in the Mistborn Series and I had to wait a month to buy it in paperback because they stopped selling the hardback. I am really interested to see how The Last Patriot turns out. It is a thriller and is supposed to be to the muslims what The Davinci Code was to the Catholics. Glenn Beck said he pretty much read straight through it, and with his ADD if he is able to sit through reading it even with it being a short book, its got to be really good.

Anyway I will let you all know how these books turn out.


~ by Liadan on 1 July, 2008: Tuesday.

2 Responses to “I went book Shopping!”

  1. I’m about to start “THe Book Thief” for a book club. But “Last Patriot” is on my list — can’t recall if I’ve read his earlier books or not. But the reviews have been good enough to give this one a look, that’s for sure.

    My most recently book in the thriller genre — kind of a “last Patriot” type — was Death in Small Doses by Bernard Steele. The NEA uncovers a plot by Jihadists when, ironically enough, radioactive materials have been smuggled in with narcotics and dealers and users become ill/dead. Lots of clashes, lots of action, lots of fun.

  2. Liz,
    Deffinately let me know how the book turns out. I don’t often read Thriller genre, but if I like The Last Patiot, I may start trying others.

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