Glenn Beck ’08 Unelectable Tour

Last night DH and I went to watch Glenn Beck’s Unelectable comedy tour live on the big screen. We participated in watching his Houston, TX show broadcast live in 350 theaters through out the US.

I absolutely loved this show, and was very impressed with it. Glenn made sure to make fun of everyone equally, and at times had me laughing so hard that my chest still hurts from all the laughter.

My top 5 favorite parts to the evening were:

5. Hoping for change.
~Glenn sitting on his stool, talked about how we as Americans can always hope for change. In an imitation of either Hero Nakamura from the TV show Heroes or a small child who is constipated, he scrunched up, straining for almost a minute. Yes everyone… lets hope for change… lets leave our future in the hands of the politicians…  

4. Build a Fence
~Glenn in his campaign speech we wish all politicians would give… “I have experience building a fence…”  You get this half of the audience to distract the loonies and this other half.. all of you go to Home Depot and get wood. We can have the fence built in like 20 minutes…

3. About Federal Spending
~Unlike most of our politicians Mr. Beck has experience in paying bills… He also has a wife. Just like in real life where if he overspends his wife will kick his rear… if he were president and the nation overspent, then she would kick all their rears!! He also gave an interesting fact. For every $19 the government makes, it spends $20. And we wonder why we have a deficit.

2. What is a Conservative?
~I loved this part of Glenn’s show. He had a caller ask him to define a Conservative. His response was… A Conservative is someone who believes that you can be as rich as you want… and not be punished. It is a person who also believes that you have the right to fail, and fail miserably.. and then pick yourself up and succeed without asking for help from the government when you fail. It is a person who believes the power to change things lies not in our politicians, but in the normal people who elect the officials. They believe that business is good, and taxes are bad.. There was a whole lot more to this, but this is most of what I remember. The power lies in the People, not the Politicians.

1. What we have came from God. When we forget that is when America gets knocked to the floor, but we never give up fighting… We can be knocked to the floor several times, but we will always get back up. This spoke true of what we as American citizens need to hear. That we take for granted what others die trying to get. Freedom.

Among the other things talked about were immigration (we can’t block everyone from coming in, but we can enforce the rules. We can ask… Do you have a skill, an education, the ability to contribute to America. Yes.. Welcome!)

If a bank is dumb enough to lend John Doe at the car wash with the shamie 1.7 Million to buy a house, they deserve to fail, and its not the government’s place to “save” the bank. If John Doe looses his job because he lost his shamie, and was caught using his old used underwear to dry the cars off, he has a right to request unemployment, but if hes not taken advantage of the freebies we have provided such as a free education, then we should have the right to tell him.. Sorry, but no more freebies. Use what you have first… If you’ve used it, then by all means we can help you get back on your feet, but if being the shamie guy at the car wash is all you can really do because you didn’t take advantage and get an education, why should we pay for it because you lost your shamie?

 Glenn gave probably one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard in my life… “Our power as a nation comes from ‘We the People,’ and truly it doesn’t even really come from there. Power comes from up there, from God, and it is then channeled into us. As long as we follow that path: From there (above), to here (ourselves), to here (the expression of our ideas) we will never go wrong.”

Even as young as I am, I still find it refreshing to have someone who so openly speaks his mind, and says the things that we all want to say.


~ by Liadan on 18 July, 2008: Friday.

One Response to “Glenn Beck ’08 Unelectable Tour”

  1. I saw the show in Detroit – It was amazing. I loved the pre-show parts (a few images on my site) and also the part of Obama speaking with Iran…

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