Busy, Busy Bee

So this past week & weekend has been a very busy one for me.

I am feeling much better now, and I want to thank everyone who inquired after my health. I didn’t get much time to rest over the past week and weekend…

Wednesday my baby sister came to spend the night as she was flying out to Washington in the morning to visit with family. We were up late talking, and up early to catch her flight on Thursday.

On Thursday after work, DH & I went to a family gathering for Pioneer Day here in Utah. It’s a state holiday celebrating the day that the Pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake valley and began to settle Utah. We went up to DH’s Aunt’s & Uncles place in S. Weber which is up by Ogden. We had a lot of fun, and watched the fireworks put on by the family.

On Friday, we went and saw The Mormon Tabernacle Choir with the Osmond’s to celebrate Pioneer Day. While all of the music was really good, I felt a little disappointed with the overall selection as a whole. The Osmond’s music was really up-beat and fun, and Mo-tab did more mellow songs. I was rather disappointed that Mack Wilberg the new conductor of Mo-tab didn’t choose songs more compatible with what the Osmond’s would be singing.

Saturday brought house cleaning, a visit from my mom to pick up a camera so she could take pictures for one of my cousin’s chidren’s birthday, and another cousin’s wedding, shopping & friends for dinner. Since I don’t have any children, DH & I don’t really have toys, and our friends have 2 boys. We found out that all of the pillows from our couch were all the toys these boys needed. They took the pillows, stacked them in piles, and then dove (well as much as a 3 and 5 year old can) into the piles. We played x-box golf until around 1:30 in the morning.

Yesterday, my mom came over to bring the camera back, and we ended up watching the entire season of The Next Food Network Star which ended at midnight. We had a lot of good laughs as we watched through all the episodes, and were disapointed when at the end they chose Aaron over Adam. Adam seemed to struggle through the first part of the season, but at the end really redeemed himself, and I felt should have won since he could bring in an aspect to The Food Network and not another ‘Down home with the Neeley’s’.


~ by Liadan on 28 July, 2008: Monday.

One Response to “Busy, Busy Bee”

  1. Thanks for the use of the camera, the dinner *yum” and the fun. I really enjoyed the day and night:)

    Love you,


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