So, after a few months of telling my husband that I would be putting curtains up in the office, I finally went out with my mom & sister while he was working on Saturday, got the curtains & hardware and put the curtains up in the office. Nothing outrageous like pink, green or brown, just a sheer white with a little texture in the fabric.

Needless to say, Dill wasn’t thrilled about coming home to the curtains, but its nice to allow light into the room without having everyone who comes up or down the stairs be able to see into the office.



~ by Liadan on 7 December, 2008: Sunday.

One Response to “Victory!!!”

  1. The curtains look very nice and it was fun to watch you take charge and finally do some things you have been wanting to do. You have talked about wanting to put up curtains for about eight years now.

    You have a great sense of style and function when you’re allowed to use it. I hope that you continue to develop the courage to use your homemaking skills and mature into the wonderful woman and homemaker you were meant to become.

    PS. Dill’s mother has drapes through out her house and so does his grandma. Just be yourself, have confidence and do what you like sometimes. It really is ok:)

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