Random Thoughts

I’ve been absent recently, and I guess I’ve missed blogging. Now I can’t promise I won’t go absent again, but I will be on and off as I feel like it.

I’ve had a lot of time recently to think, and I’ve had some adventures.

Recently my sister and I took a trip to England for 2 weeks. We had some trouble getting there… Our first flight was delayed, and the delay was such that we would miss our next connection. The airline transferred us to another airline who would get us to the same destination via a different route about an hour and a half later than our original time to land in London. While waiting for our flight, we walked up and down the different terminals. on one of our trips, we found this little old lady who was lost. If it had not been for assisting her, we would have not known there was a whole terminal we didn’t know about in the airport, but more importantly she would have missed her flight.

We finally caught our plane (after an 8 hour wait), and we were off. We landed expecting about an hour to our next flight, only to find out that due to technical issues our flight had been delayed another 9 hours.

When we got to London we had missed our train, and ended up spending the night in St. Pancras Train Station. It was during the 6 hours waiting for our train to Yorkshire that we started talking about our trip. With all our delays, we had met several people heading to London. Some were going via Philadelphia, Some via New York, others via Houston, and others still North Carolina, Canada, Mexico and even California. My sister made the observation that this is like our  journey here on Earth.

We all chose to come to Earth. God told us, It won’t be easy, we said, I want to go really bad!!! Please send me.

God told us, you’ll have trials, delays and the journey will be hard, again we told him I want to go, Please send me. I know it will be hard, I know I’ll have delays, detours, and I know the journey will be worth it.

So we came to earth. Each of us has our own journey, but our final destination is the same. No one journey is better than another, and there is no right way to go. There is just the experiences we have, and we can either choose to enjoy every minute, and learn what lesson we are supposed to, or we can let our delays, detours, and trials spoil the ride.

I am so grateful for my sister’s insights. In this she taught me a lesson, and one I am so glad to have been taught.

For those wondering, I enjoyed my trip, and am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to explore England and Jersey in the Channel Islands. Not only did I learn about where my family came from, I learned more about who I am. I also got to discover some beautiful places, and enjoy the scenery along the way.

I’ve always said, God allows bad things to happen, so that we can make the good things more beautiful. Make the choice to enjoy the ride, instead of allowing the delays, detours and trials spoil the trip.


~ by Liadan on 26 September, 2010: Sunday.

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