The evolution of an online nickname

I am often asked how I came by the nickname Liadan online. I again was asked this recently and it got me thinking, how did I end up with Liadan.

I first found the name Liadan in a book by Juliet Marieller called Daughter of the Forest possibly the second book in the series Son of the Shadows. I read the fist book while I was a senior in High School.

At the time I read the book, I never thought of using the name as a nickname. At that time I had one email with Yahoo a_hug_and_kiss_4_u and one with hotmail baby_doll_tm. I was going by the nickname of Asian’s babydoll (one I had picked up in High School) because I had a habit of getting crushes on Asians. In September of 1998 I met the man who would become my husband online by answering his Yahoo Personal ad for a penpal. We met in December, and when he came to visit me in February for Valentines day he got Tivo for me (and my family) so that we could chat online as I was in College, and we didn’t have online service at my house.

Well Tivo’s chat rooms (AOL) wouldn’t allow for a name as long as Asian’s Babydoll so I shortened the name to Babydoll. I used Yahoo Chat as well and shortened my name there as well for consistency.  When my husband and I married, I was introduced into MSN Chatrooms when Yahoo’s Chatrooms and AOLs were taken off line due to increased fears of lawsuits for the ease of children accessing porn sites. Porn Bots had become the new wave of advertising in Chatrooms, and there were more bots than live bodies in chatrooms. Shortly after joining MSN Chatrooms I was given the opportunity to volunteer with them and host. Unfortunately they thought that Babydoll was too suggestive of a name for a Host, and again I shortened the nickname to •Doll™• as Doll was in use, and it had been suggested as an alternate. It was now early 2001. In late 2001 our System’s Op who managed the hosts retired, and we were assigned a new Sysop manager. The new manager refused to allow me to continue using •Doll™• as she didn’t like alt code characters. At this time I had been interested in Egyptian Mythology and was allowed to change my name to Isis as I was unable to get Doll and by that time Babydoll had been taken by another.In early 2002 I quit hosting as the new Sysop was overbearing and stressful and since I wasn’t paid for the time I put in, I moved on. I had discovered MSN Groups by this time, and joined the site of a gal named Mystii who introduced me into one of my big hobbies today Sig Tag making. In MSN Groups i found I could change my name back to •Doll™• to which I had grown attached to and since I was hosting by Isis I added the name to become •Isis•Doll™•

It was shortly after this that my husband introduced me to a second of my hobbies in life, Online Gaming. I was a fan of the games The Sims and they were releasing an online game The Sims Online. I was admitted into the private beta, and Doll was taken as was Isis and so I used Liadan for the first time.  The Beta for TSO finally went live, and many of the issues we had reported hadn’t been fixed, and my husband moved to Asheron’s Call 2. I stayed with TSO for about 3 more weeks, while logging into his AC2 account and playing a character on his account (Liadan). Eventually we got me the game and I left TSO for AC2.

Since I had Liadan on my husband’s account I created Isis. We played for 6 months and made many friends, and a few acquaintances in a group known as The ShadowKnights who had come from Asheron’s Call. I would PVP with this group often especially Goddess, Alexander Egan and Pepper Potts. After 6 months the game came to a grinding halt as they had never resolved the issues with the chat, and it made gameplay nearly impossible as you couldn’t communicate with friends or groups to plan anything.

It was around this time that StarWars Galaxies was released. A huge community of the AC2 players moved to the game. My husband and I moved as well. I kept the name Isis here.  We happened to choose Eclipse as our server, and went Imperial (who doesn’t love to play the bad guys?) well we had a few friends who moved with us, and a few went to other servers. One of our friends got us into a guild, and as those who game know that Drama is fairly prevalent in online games, well that’s what happened. Drama ensued. My husband and I left the guild. As chance would have it a few days before I had run into none other than Mr. Alexander Egan and became acquainted with the SK Members. We joined SK which would be my home for many years. I had also created a character on Flurry named Liadan (At this time I wasn’t aware you could have characters on different servers with the same name in Video Games).  I hooked up with old AC2 friends an joined a group called MeS. I switched between the 2 servers and for a long time, I was content, but I had more fun playing Liadan than I did Isis, and eventually Isis was set as a dance bot for SK, and I played Liadan on Flurry.

As the story goes, all games come to an end, and SWG was no different. Sony released what they called Combat Upgrade 1, and it was so bad that the people left en-mass for other games. SK and MeS went to EverQuest 2 while my husband and I moved on to Final Fantasy XI. At this point I’d been using Liadan for 3 years, and my newest character in FFXI was a tarutaru named Liadan.

It was at this time that © became an issue in Groups,  Mystii’s group closed even though it had been pixel dolls, and I joined a copyright compliant group run by Donna. My MSN was now •Liadan•Isis•Doll™• and it was a bit long. About this time as well GILD was formed and paid tubes became a part of tagger’s lives.

It was about this time also that I dropped Doll. I kept Isis for about another year, but MSN was the only place I really went by the nickname, and I had joined another group where there was an Isis. She didn’t like that I too went by the name, and after a bit of drama I dropped Isis going by Liadan only.

Well shortly after this MSN Groups closed their doors. I was happily playing FFXI, and I had just started making scrap kits. I made a friend of Amanda Kelleher aka Tantrum. I created Scraps By Liadan. I was creating, gaming and happy. After about 6 months I was hit again by Drama, this time, the designer of the store, stole money from the gals who sold as he felt that since we were doing so well he deserved more money for hosting the site. We each paid $15 a month in rent, as well as a 20% commission + Paypal fees to the store to sell there. He got the 20% as his fee. He took all of our profits, changed the store’s paypal account’s password, closed the store on us, stopped answering emails, and left us feeling rather defeated. I didn’t have the heart to continue making tags, or scrapping at all, and went solely to gaming. I played FFXI for many happy years, and eventually moved on to World of Warcraft with my hubby, again keeping Liadan. We moved servers and I took on Talene a name from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series. I however loved Liadan and ended up going by Liadan in chats.

We played for about 2 and a half years, and I found it was time for me to take a break. At this time I started getting interested in sig tags and scrapping again, and met one of my dearest online friends Anna Weir. Many MSN Groups had regrouped in forums and yahoo groups and although I had tried out many of the forums with older friends, I had lost my heart and left. Anna had recently moved her Yahoo group to a forum site, and I joined up. I refound my heart in tagging, and scrapping, and as things go Anna found she liked Yahoo groups better. We moved back to her Yahoo Group, and I joined her. I still go by Liadan, and who knows where my next adventure will take me, but in it I plan to go by Liadan or just plain Heidi.


~ by Liadan on 19 March, 2011: Saturday.

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