New Family Member

So back in August, my hubby and I got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that we named Leia. She was born on July 2nd, and we got her at just 6 weeks old due to her dame passing.


We are absolutely in love with our pup. She has her own facebook page that you can see what she’s up to if you want.


Anyway here are some of her puppy pictures.


When I first came home:













Here she demonstrates the classic Corgi sleeping position: belly up.






At about 9 weeks her ears started to perk upLeia8

Once they started to perk up, it was only a few days before she had her Corgi ears fullyLeia9

Resting after a happy frapping session. (FRAP = Frantic Random Acts of Play)

Leia 10

Here I am more than double the size of when I came home, and now a happy 3 month old pup.Leia11

PitaPata Dog tickers


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